Coupon Terms and Conditions

Terms & Conditions

1. For each purchase

QR 50, the customer will have one free raffle coupon, that allows him to antoro draw every 15 days. Each draw includes 1 car and 75 gifts.

Total of 20 cars 1350 gifts for 9 months. (Chevrolet Traverse LT FWD 1 Nos. Chevrolet Captiva Is FWD 5 Nos, Chevrolet Groove LT FWD 14 Nos.)

2. Branches participating in the promotion are all Ansar Gallery Branches, Doha City, Ansar City, New World, A&H Tower Mall, A&H Sports and A&H Market.
3. The promotion is valid from 16 March 2023 to 17 Dec. 2023.
4. Each Coupon is valid for only one raffle draw.
5. Ansar Group of Companies staff and their relatives are not allowed to participate in this draw.
6. This Coupon will not be valid without Ansar Group Stamp.
7. The raffle draw will be every 15 days in Ansar Gallery Barwa, Al- Rawadha, Rayyan, Alkhor.
8. The company has the right to use the winners details as voice recording, visuals and photography for any publicity, advertisement and promotional purpose without any additional compensation.
9. All terms and conditions are applied as per Qatar Law.
10. Prizes should be claimed within 90 days of draw date.

Draw Box Available in all branches

  • 1st Draw 30th March at 08:30PM
  • 2nd Draw 16th April at 08:30PM
  • 3rd Draw 30th April at 06:00PM
  • 4th Draw 15th May at 06:00PM
  • 5th Draw 31st May at 06:00PM
  • 6th Draw 15th July at 06:00PM
  • 7th Draw 29th June at 06:00PM
  • 8th Draw 16th July at 06:00PM
  • 9th Draw 31st July at 06:00PM
  • 10th Draw 15th August at 06:00PM
  • 11th Draw 31st August at 06:00PM
  • 12th Draw 14th September at 06:00PM
  • 13th Draw 1st Octoberat 06:00PM
  • 14th Draw 15th October at 06:00PM
  • 15th Draw 31st October at 06:00PM
  • 16th Draw 15th November at 06:00PM
  • 17th Draw 30th November at 06:00PM
  • 18th Draw 17th December at 06:00PM